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PRIORITY services

This service is recommended for our clients that require a Comprehensive In-person service and would prefer us to complete the whole process.Once you have selected the service you require and chosen the date and time of your appointment. Our Office Representative will contact you to confirm your appointment and provide you details of our Representative.Our representative will Callout to you at your chosen location. Upon arrival our Representative will explain you complete process.Verify your documents: Ensuring they are valid and correct documents for the selected service

Once you have booked the Priority Service via our Online booking system. Our case worker will get in touch with you and let you know the list of documents to have them ready on the day of appointment and the procedure for scheduled appointment. For more details about the list of documents necessary, please visit the relevant service page.

Our Representative will check the requirements for the type of application and check all your documents.

Our Representative will take your photos if you don’t have Passport size photos for your application according to Nadra’s specification.

Our Representative carry scanner and will scan all your documents required for your application according to Nadra’s specification.

Our Representative will take your fingerprints mandatory for the application according to Nadra’s specification

Our Representative after carrying our final checks making sure there are no errors and once all clear will submit the application. A small error in application can cause long delays and rejection in application by Nadra.

Once your application is submitted. Our Representative will provide you with Submission Receipt and Tracking Number. You can track your application by visiting our tracking page on our website.